Jumat, 29 Oktober 2010

Spirit of my fashion ! ♡ ♡

good morning my friend ...!

how are you today this morninggg...!
jakarta seem very bright but I should still get up early to go to campus and attend classes when I feel tired but keep the spirit

And as usual when I woke up I immediately checked the blackberry's got me and directly addressed the people I care about. and somehow I always miss him. is he too? feel it too just like me? when this is how I began to explore my own feelings

And I started to move from my bed and I opened my wardrobe. I see and my mood is so increased. I saw my clothes. and my eyes fixed on my shirt. basically, I really like wearing t-shirts. however, not all types of shirts. I like shirts with thin raw
material from cotton which is very cool and comfortable for use

I basically only like certain types of shirts with a particular brand. like, MANGOOSTEEN from Australia, COCONUT ISLAND from brazil, tendencies from Indonesia, from Indonesia Bloop endorse, Mejiku from Indonesia, NOIN BRAND from Indonesia. they have a good quality to be displayed and comfortable to use

I also like ZARA teen t-shirts. connecting from this, I am very selective in choosing colors. color is the main element. I really like the color pink, black, white and green tosca. I think the color pink has a youthful, energetic and fun. then, the black color has a life of luxury and elegance even rock chic. then, white has a clean and gentle soul. tosca green then have the aura of a unique and luxurious and fashionable. That's what I really like the color

to complete in love wearing shirts that I love. I like solid match with Harm pants. which I think is very comfortable and appropriate for the style. harm has the aura of a little serious, but still no joy. remain fashionable. thus, the most important thing for me is the stylish but still comfortable style with beautiful and unique. moreover, a lot of people think I am Arab even though I have descended from amsterdam. but I am very happy that they think like that.

Basically I am very pleased stylish urban style. with bright colors but still cheerful. and fixed styles. but still young. I really like the style of rock. let alone wearing a T-shirt for famous bands like the Ramones or Paramore and very legendary ROLLING STONES. really enjoy and fun

Fun in ɑ dresses it more important.nt. moreover added that bringing people cheerful and friendly. more beautiful and look young and beautiful. I am also a big fan of the glass eye with a brand RAYBAN space. very classic and cool. can be used in wearing any clothes. in all weather. and all events. remain attractive. and unique.

And that I really like use hat. very funny, classic and stylish. really lift our style. I like and collect fedora hat with a wide range of colors and sizes and materials. bludru ad material, cotton, rattan, and so forth. so, whether it is to imagine how my style? and what I like? the point is a nice shirt, celama harm, belt, rayban, fedora hat ..!

More love '

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