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Real woman wear a FLAT SHOE

  flat shoes As I walked down Oxford Street a couple of weeks ago, my eyes slid to the left and I noticed a window full of sensible flat shoes, and they were quite nice in a modest sort of way. But in despair I saw the sign above the entrance: Clarks, the home of regulation school flat shoes, the shop where I was taken by my mother to have my feet measured and x-rayed with an exciting machine that could see through to the flat shoes.
 Fashion disobedience … Alexa Chung wears Russell & Bromley loafers. Photograph: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images Yet peering flat shoes, I noticed that the shop was crammed with fashionable young people trying on flat shoes with low heels and rounded toes. Venturing inside, this startling vision was confirmed. All around were rows and rows of flat shoes that looked comfortable. My feet sighed with pleasure at the sight of them. They had nice straps to hold them on and the flat shoes were airy cushions of padded leather. There was not a single pair of what the magazines call "fierce heels", shoes inspired by Chinese footbinding, designed to cruelly entrap the toes in sharp points and elevate the heels to such heights that walking becomes a flat shoes. There were no bondage shoes at all. Nor were there many ballet flats, those flimsy little numbers with papery flat shoes, sending shock waves up your spine every time your foot hits the pavement, making your calves flat shoes.

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