Rabu, 17 Februari 2010

"THE MAGICAL friendship"..i think..i miss that....

Helloo there.....!

ini this morning,, when i to awake...i think....for my heart feeeling....hmnm...a said Thanks to Allah SWT...to bring me a good moement with my Fam, my BFF and my Love...but,,, too longgg , i dont feel again like that..... happy, full of laugh.....comitment to friendship...walking around...eating...watching...ya,,,im sure now! im Feeling so MISS THAT MOMENT..with my BFF and my Love :(
this is my best friend'albert' ..i think,long tim eno see him..:( in this moment, i'to coaching @ my collage JWC BINUS international,senayan...dinner, coffe break around ;) im so enjoying sahre time with him..albert like a my brotha :) 

me and budon

i love this msgg...and i ve save all msgg  from her :) 

budon, me, claire

me, budon, and claire on car :) goes to round2 world together :) love u all :)

in this photos,, shes my best friend in my collage, im call she: Bu don :) // ramashona firdia.she ve a kind heart i think :) mhmm.....i hope ,, our friendship ve long time in our life...more and more...miss u bu don :(

on the ways to find "THE TRAVELLING PANTS and the sisterhood" with my car..
and this is my BFF ...like a my sister,, Dimitron :) yes! any time, any where...i think, full a day,..i'doing something with her..hhuffff....share, eating,swiiming  nomaden transfer,,hehe,, backpacker, until find a TRAVELLING PANTS ..our MAGIC PANTS.. :) for our sisterhood icon and memory :) i miss so badly :((
talking ..understanding..

i love this Chat with her...:) missss....sobad!


dona sent msgg to dimi :) and i readed:)

me and dimitron,, spent time with get swimm :) i love that .. enjoyed and relax...after swimm,, let go to sauna :) so fun time! miss u sister

my mssg for her...n all my friends so specialy

with mas bryan family @ BSM

 share the moment evry time...

me and dimi @ cascade-west java

miss this msgg..we love wacthing DVD in my apartmnt..and i love song,, TOGETHER :)

in a train when i so tired...ohooooo...zzzzzzz..
miss all :(

morelove as always'
jessica moretosee

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