Senin, 17 Mei 2010

are you dreamin'of summer day?

dreamin'of summer days??

Boy shorts, sheer fabrics, rpinted, high dress slits....

Just some of the summer trends waiting to come out and play. 
So what your summer style priview?? 

Give us a peek into your stylish mind and create a set that shows us a trend you can't wait to wear this summer.

 You can submit your summer trends with Moretosee Boutique .

summer 2010 collectionis all about mixing moredn lace details, timeless black and white style,and over-the-top jewelry. little detail, vibrant colors,and alluring prints turn the everyday into excotic. 
MIx and match the collection for the a look taht utterly chic and effortssly cool !
dont forget to use a least one the bellow featured items from the new collection :)


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